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Model and mouldmaking for Potters, Sculptors and Designers, specialising in plaster of paris and silicone rubber. C P Ceramics has more than 20 years of experience in all different types of
production models & moulds.

Contact David Richardson if you have a design that requires batch or mass production. Models and moulds can be made for Potters and Designers to their specifications, producing designs for slip cast or press moulded ceramics. Work has been completed for sculptors, design companies, retailers and wholesalers who require production in plaster, glass, aluminium, bronze, fibreglass and rubber (see Client products section). A range of educational press moulds is available for teachers to buy from stock.


There will be a Beginners Model and mould making course from 24th -25th July 2018: There is one space left on this course

There will be a mid level Model and mould making course the following week from 31st July & 1st August.  2018 : There is one space left on this course.

It may be advisable to book accommodation early if you would like to come on these courses as the holiday season will have started in Newenden

There are places for two students per model & mould making course  here in CPC Ceramics Studio in Newenden Kent. These usually take place over two or three days. Courses can be either on one to one basis or more economically for two people sharing the day rate between them.

A one day course would cover all the basics from plaster blending through drop out model and mould making, plus handle model and mould making. A two day course would include making models from waste moulds and the start of setting up for three or more part vertically split moulds. A three day course could also include tuition on making flatware for plates, dishes & tiles etc. But courses could be tailored to suit the requirement and ability of the student.

A course would be inclusive of materials and lunch with tuition on all machinery Including the Lathe, Whirler and Bandsaw. The day rate could be shared between maximum of two people and would start from 09.00 and finish at 18.00, with 1 hour for lunch.

To get the most out of these intensive courses I would suggest that some planning for the types of designs that each student is interested in making is essential. Drawings in plan and elevation would be a great advantage for anybody attending the course, some planning in advance would really help the student get the most out of the practical aspects of the training. A maximum size limit of 200mm would have to be adhered to in order to complete the projects in the time available. A student could email me their designs in advance for checking and advice once they have enrolled.




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Filberts Studio Apartment Newenden www.filbertskent.co.uk

I will post dates for further courses on a separate page soon. DGR