CP Ceramics model and mould making service


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Model and mouldmaking for Potters, Sculptors and Designers, specialising in plaster of paris and silicone rubber. C P Ceramics has more than 20 years of experience in all different types of
production models & moulds.

Contact David Richardson if you have a design that requires batch or mass production. Models and moulds can be made for Potters and Designers to their specifications, producing designs for slip cast or press moulded ceramics. Work has been completed for sculptors, design companies, retailers and wholesalers who require production in plaster, glass, aluminium, bronze, fibreglass and rubber (see Client products section). A range of educational press moulds is available for teachers to buy from stock.

News: The next mould making course will commence during the week of 18th November 2019

(for details of courses see “Educational courses“)


CP Ceramics will be closed from 28th Oct to 4th November 2019

CP Ceramics will be closed from Friday 20th December 2019 until Thursday 2nd January 2020 for Christmas holidays