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moulds and workshopModel and mouldmaking for Potters, Sculptors and Designers, specialising in plaster of paris and silicone rubber. C P Ceramics has more than 20 years of experience in all different types of production models & moulds.

Contact David Richardson if you have a design that requires batch or mass production. Models and moulds can be made for Potters and Designers to their specifications, producing designs for slip cast or press moulded ceramics. Work has been completed for sculptors, design companies, retailers and wholesalers who require production in plaster, glass, aluminium, bronze, fibreglass and rubber (see Client products section). A range of educational press moulds is available for teachers to buy from stock.



Coming up in November 12-16:
I am teaching a 4 day advanced mould making course at West Dean College near Chichester, West Sussex.
This will be aimed at people with some experience of plasterwork from a college or professional environment who need to upgrade their skills to a more productive level. Use of the whirler/wheel as well as hand modelling will be taught along with the techniques of Industrial mould making.
The project based course will suit those who need refine their production capacity to make ceramics in a more efficient way.
E: Bookingsoffice@westdean.org.uk
Course number: 4D3180
T: 08444994408

There will also be a beginners course from 4-7 April 2013
This will start with basic plaster mixing, preparation and facing-up using mouldmakers size (soft soap). Making models to industry standards using plaster on the whirler and clay on the wheel, hand carving and the principals of drop out mould making. A slip casting demonstration will start the course and simple two part moulds will be produced by the end of the weekend. Participants can take away their own moulds and start making pottery when they return home.
E: Bookingsoffice@westdean.org.uk
Course Number: LW3447
T: 08444994408

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